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Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake


Life threw me some unbelievable lemons this month. They were not the pretty, tart, sweet and juicy kind. They were the harsh, bitter, sour and face-puckering kind. Marriage lemons. Not the kind you make lemonade with. No, these lemons don’t get lovingly squeezed into a golden, sparkling drink that speaks of pure happiness. They don’t Continue Reading


Linzer Cookies


        Happy Valentines Day! Today is also our wedding anniversary. Memories of our wedding always make me smile. It was a beautiful and simple day. I’m not sure what Chris was saying to me here but we look relaxed, as if we are having a casual conversation in the middle of our Continue Reading


Double Banana Cake


Have you ever encountered a grumpy face walking your way? The kind that makes you avert your eyes, look down and pretend that you don’t exist? That’s one approach. But when I come across a face like that, I like to go the opposite route. I throw out a casual and warm greeting – fully Continue Reading


Ice Cream Sandwiches


You know that one friend, who is forever a victim? Victim Friend calls you at all hours of the night – crying, sobbing, full of drama and despair. They pour out their tale of heartache, and you – being the Good Friend that you are – feel compelled to invest in their plight, stand beside Continue Reading


Chai Banana Bread


There comes a moment, after a long day with a fantastic and fearless toddler, when I can not listen to my own voice anymore. After 10,000 renditions of, “No, mommy said don’t touch that.” 20,000 takes of, “Here, let mommy help you.” And 30,000 versions of, “Okay, just let mommy do it.” It’s time for Continue Reading


Pink Lady Cake


        On April 28, we celebrated the birthday of my wonderful, amazing, ray of sunshine mom, Joanne Jean Bifulco. The same day, we celebrated the birth of my wonderful, amazing, ray of sunshine niece, Gemma Grace Bifulco!! How amazing is that? What a day! We are so happy, proud and excited for Continue Reading


Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies


I recently read a news article about a woman who visualized herself winning the lottery – then went on to win $112 million dollars.* Wait, what? How does this work again? Sadly for me, this laser focus visualization only works on baked goods. Cookies. Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, to be precise. I thought about these soft, chewy Continue Reading


Michelle’s Orange-Banana Bread


        When I was in Boise, Idaho visiting my brother Michael and his fiancée Heather, I had the pleasure of meeting her family and friends. They are truly spectacular people and I felt honored to get to know each of them. At dinner I sat next to Heather’s mom Michelle, and spent Continue Reading


Guinness Chocolate Cake


        Are you Irish? Have you survived St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have any leftover Guinness? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions – then this Guinness Chocolate Cake is a must. Forget that St. Patrick’s Day is over. Heck, here on Long Island they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all Continue Reading


Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Brioche


I have appreciation for anticipation. A passion for the pause. I’m a lady who likes to linger. Not to mention, our house is a domicile of delay. We might be the last household in America that does not have DVR. That’s right. We actually watch a television show when it is scheduled to appear. And we endure commericials. Continue Reading