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Soy and Cola Braised Pork


        Portlandia, where have you been all my life?   As is the norm, I am approximately one-full-year behind the culture curve. Which means I’ve just discovered Portlandia – a sketch comedy show on IFC. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are the writers and actors who appear in every. single. skit on Continue Reading


Pork Tenderloin with Plum Barbeque Sauce


It’s been crazy organizing madness over here. I wouldn’t call it Spring Cleaning. I wouldn’t even call it Spring Purging. I would call this a Spring Awakening. I’ve been bitten by the bug. Yes. I, who just admitted my fear of Martha Stewart, have been emptying the shelves at Bed Bath and Beyond of her Continue Reading


Dutch Split Pea Soup


        Why – when I mention Split Pea Soup – does everyone make a face like Popeye the Sailor Man? I have to imagine it’s something about the color? Or the texture? Maybe the word “split” encourages people to leave the room? I don’t get it. The texture of Split Pea Soup Continue Reading


Spaghetti and Meatballs


Jeffrey Mullett, my brother’s very close friend, passed away on Thursday. It was a tragic loss. Jeff was only 34 years old. Michael and I had been friends with Jeffrey since we were kids. We grew up in the same neighborhood, only a few blocks apart. Jeffrey and my brother remained tight friends into adulthood Continue Reading


Glazed Pork Loin with Brussels Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes


        In the five short months that I have been blogging on Misc. Kitchen, I’ve already learned quite a few things about myself. One: I am a serial-misuser of commas and dash marks, and I have a thing for run-on sentences (see?). Two: I gush about foods I love (and I tend Continue Reading


Italian Wedding Soup


Today is my birthday. As it turns out, all I wanted to do on my special day were the things I do every day: play with Daniel, cook and be with my family. I guess that means every day is special. Or I have no life. Either way. I’m not feeling 100% better yet so Continue Reading


Chinese Spareribs


You know those old clothes that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away? The out-of-style tops, faded yoga pants and uncomfortable jeans that exist in a state of limbo and bear burden on your shoulders every time you come across them. You know you should get rid of them but you just can’t. They’re Continue Reading


Game Day Beef and Bean Chili


Superbowl XLVI is just about the pass us by … and here I am posting about Game Day Chili. Brilliant. Ok, so it probably would have served you better to have this recipe a few days ago. But don’t fret! Chili doesn’t just have to be for Superbowl Game Day! It can be for ANY Game Day. Like, Ice Continue Reading


Carnitas with Fresh Corn Tortillas


I bought myself a tortilla press before Christmas. Then I was given a tortilla press for Christmas. At this point, if anyone in the tri-state area should be pressing out fresh tortillas, it’s me. Not that I mind one bit! Fresh corn tortillas are so delicious – crispy yet soft with an unmistakable corn taste. Continue Reading


Sweet Potato and Edamame Hash


I hate stereotypes. All of them. Even the seemingly harmless ones. Like, “All men are dogs.” No they’re not. They are human beings – and fallible. Just like women. Men may be hard-wired differently than women but that doesn’t make them bad as a whole – or their behavior inexcusable. I don’t always mind the crazy-stupid Continue Reading